Nuts & Bolts – Working Together

Stepping up to get assistance to make your business vision a reality is about having trust and working in partnership.  I know that for you to allow me to step up and join your business team, even for a brief time, is a significant decision for you.

And it definitely is for me. I take your trust and the invitation to be on your team with the utmost seriousness and commitment to your needs and goals. I am here to help you once more find the space and time that will allow you to turn to that which demands your attention, inspires you, calls out to you, and enriches you. I will enable you to again focus on the core mission and activities of your business in a way that only you can do.

How do I work?

I could ask you to leave the details, the nuts and bolts, to me.  But I can’t; well, not entirely.  To realize the business shifts that you have in mind, I need some of your time and effort so that I can learn directly from you what your business vision is and where your business challenges lie.

I love meeting with my clients as we begin work together.  Whether in person or on the phone, we will meet and get to know what we each bring to the job at hand.  This will be the real start of our collaborative partnership.

Following our initial conversation, I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out that will provide me with much more of the information I need to even better understand you, your business focus, your client base and your business needs or goals. It’s the detailed information that you tell me at this point which will truly let me set out the steps that we need to take.

Don’t know what you don’t know?

You may be worried that you don’t really have the answers to get us going. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what to tackle first or what could best serve your business goals. Most of my clients are overwhelmed with the breadth of possibility and work that confronts them as they seek to build or realign their businesses.

What you do need to have is the fortitude to stick with this process of building or reinvention, the gumption to speak up whenever you feel the need, and the belief that together we can make your business vision happen.

My commitment to you?

Yep, for me, too, I will have the commitment to the process of rebuilding or reinvigorating your business, the gumption to tell you what I think or how you can best be served, and the absolute knowledge that together we can make your business vision happen.

I can hear those nuts and bolts rattling!

Let’s talk and level with each other. Just click here to get in touch.